Lisa Ferrell

Currently executive producer for Resolution Media & Entertainment, Lisa Ferrell is well-versed

Clark Cofer

Working in the Film/Video Production Community for more than 23 years, Clark has worn many hats

Randall Franks

Vice President
Randall Franks is an actor, producer, director, author, and award-winning journalist, a syndicated

Melissa Goodman

Internal Governance
Since 1992, Melissa has been Executive Director for the Atlanta Local of SAG-AFTRA. In 2004, she

John Wilkins

Industry Community Relations
John Wilkins pivoted from a career in business development to acting in 2014. He enjoys leveraging

Michael Jackson

Co-Chair Industry and Community Relations
Started my career in Tulsa as a lighting technician, rigging grip, set carpenter and studio manager

Peter Stathopoulos

Government Relations
Peter Stathopoulos leads Bennett Thrasher’s Entertainment practice, which consults with clients

Briana Franklin

Marketing and Communications
Briana is a 2015 Georgia State Alumni who earned​ a degree in the bachelors of the arts majoring in

Teresa Edwards

Media Producer

Patricia Taylor

Patricia “Trish” Taylor is returning in 2020 as Georgia Production Partnership’s Co- President.