10 for 10 Investment


$10 (or more!) contribution to Georgia Production Partnership



As we begin celebrating the 10 years of industry growth, let’s recognize that every bit of effort and money helps GPP sustain the production tax incentive on which our industry relies.  Please support us in a way that recognizes the opportunities that you have been given.  Examples:  a recent graduate of the Ga. Film Academy might support us with a single $10 donation as they’re starting their career, while a highly placed executive might offer a much higher multiple of $10 to honor their success.  Please give what you can as these resources are vital to our efforts to inform and influence the key legislators to sustain the tax incentive.

Please share your investment on social media with #IgaveGPP10for10 and #GPP10for10campaign.  Thank you for supporting GPP and the Production Tax Incentive!