The Georgia Production Partnership is a not-for-profit coalition of companies and individuals who are active in the state’s film, video, music, and interactive game industries.

Established in 1995 as a 501(c)(6) corporation, GPP was founded by a handful of Atlanta film industry pioneers and has grown to over 500 members made up of directors, producers, writers, TV and film crew professionals, broadcast and television studios, lighting and equipment companies, payroll, casting directors, talent agencies, actors, musicians, music writer/producers, union and association directors, hotel representatives and other service companies.

What Does GPP Do?



The Georgia Entertainment Industry Investment Act Of 2008

Executive Board


Trish Taylor


Clark Cofer


Chris Escobar

Vice President

Deborah Childs


Stanislav Shkilnyi


Committee Chairs

Susan Moss

Marketing and Communications

Melissa Goodman

Internal Governance

Michelle Digaetano


Linda Burns

Education and Professional Development

Fran Burst-Terranella

Speaker Series + Film Festival

Brennen Dicker

Government Relations

Lisa Ferrell

Industry and Community Relations

Joan Karpeles

Volunteer Coordination

Malenka Warner


Keisha Richardson

Co-Chair Meeting Producer

Will Bearyman

Co-Chair Meeting Producer

Immediate Past Presidents

Tim McCabe

Immediate Past President

Craig Miller

Immediate Past President